Real NameKaoru Ichinose
Character ClassBlade Brandier
Japanese Voice ActorMitsuki Saiga
English Voice ActorLiam O'Brien

Endrance is the Emperor of the Demon Palace. Like Haseo, he is an epitaph user. Endrance uses his avatar, Macha, to defeat all of his opponents. Because normal people cannot see Avatars, everyone believes that Endrance is just extremely fast and unbelievably powerful. Haseo eventually faces Endrance for the title match for the Demon Place. They both all upon their Avatars and Haseo defeats Endrance. The cat that he has on his shoulder reveals that it is AIDA and is destroyed. The cat had taken the place of Mia in the original world seeing that he played as Elk. Endrance becomes traumatized and freezes himself. Alkaid had sent Haseo to find him to help defeat Sirus in her last words before being put in a coma.

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