Data Drain

Data Drain is an skill acquired by monsters and characters in The World. It allows them to affect people in real life, such as make the people behind the players fall comatose in real life or make them lose their memory. It is used to rewrite information and data in an illegal manner.
Kite using Data Drain
Haseo using Data Drain

This skill first makes its appearance in the .hack//Sign anime series. It also appears in other games and shows that form part of the .hack franchise. For example, in the .hack game series, the main character Kite is able to use Data Drain on monsters, as he wields the Twilight Bracelet which was given to him by Aura. This gives him the ability to perform Data Drain after "Protect Break"ing his targets.

Another example is in the .hack//G.U. games and .hack//Roots. In this game series and anime, the character Azure Kite is able to perform Data Drain on other players.

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