Blade Brandier

Blade Brandier
Endrance, an example of a Blade Brandier.

The Blade Brandier is very similar to its original R:1 counterpart, Blademaster, just with a bit of modifications and fixes. They are still regarded as one of the best offensive characters in the game, but not at the same caliber as they once were.

[edit] Description

The Blade Brandier, being a modified version of the Blademaster, uses mainly dual edged blades in battle but can also use small sized daggers. They mostly use their good offense for close range battle and with some use of magic they can be trouble from a distance. They are a near perfect balance of both Offense and Defense, for both physical and magical stats. The Blade Brandier's speed also helps in closing the gap between players allowing for major close range damage.

[edit] Examples

The best examples of a Blade Brandier would be Antares, Endrance and Silabus

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