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Real NameRyo Sakuma
Character ClassBlademaster
Japanese Voice ActorKazuhiro Nakata
English Voice ActorPaul Mercier
Warning: This .hack// article may contain plot spoilers.


[edit] Background

Bear is a friendly Blademaster who knows many players in the game, is thoughtful and generally willing to assist those in need. After meeting Tsukasa, he becomes curious and increasingly involved in the mystery both in The World and Offline.

He frequently lends his sword to help Mimiru in her adventures.

[edit] Appearance

Bear has brown hair which stretches down to the upper part of his neck. He has blue eyes and most of his body is painted with blue and white wave signs in between. He wears little armor; he only wears armor in his knees, one of his shoulders and waist. He also bears a resemblance to Orca, and was even confused with him in one occasion.

[edit] Personality

Bear is easily concerned about people who seem to be in trouble and always seems to want to help. He usually maintains a calm attitude and approaches things rationally. In addition, he refers to himself as "this old man" and is always looking out for Mimiru.

[edit] .hack//Sign

In .hack//Sign, Bear is usually seen around with Mimiru or BT. When he meets with Tsukasa, he begins to investigate him and discovers various pieces of information regarding him including the fact that Tsukasa is actually a girl and is in a coma in the real world. Bear wants to help Tsukasa badly enough to offer to adopt him offline once he is able to log out.

[edit] Offline

He is a famous book author who goes by the name of Ryo Sakuma. Being a divorced man in his 40's, he has a son (who also plays The World) who seems to mooch off of him by asking him for money and causing him unnecessary stress and pain.

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