Real NameChigusa Kusaka
Character ClassHarvest Cleric
Japanese Voice Actor
English Voice Actor

The first person Haseo befriends in The World R:2 is Atoli. Atoli resembles Shino perfectly except for the color of her clothes and hair. She finds out about Shino and she believes that Haseo only befriended her was to remind him of Shino. Atoli then goes to find Tri-Edge to prove her self to him. Haseo then follows her with Pi and Khun because he gets worried. The follow her to a blank white room with Azure Kite there. After defeating him, a locker opens up and Atoli walks towards them in an hypnotic way. Adia hands then come out of the locker and grasp onto her. Haseo then screams her name.

[edit] Appearance

Atoli and Shino share the same outfit. The only differences be that she wears a more colorful outfit, blond hair, and no tear drop tattoo. She wears white stockings, a green dress, and a white hat. The weapon she welds in combat is a staff.

[edit] Personality

Atoli is very kind, naive and generally a passive. Instead of The World being just an online game, she sees it as an alternate reality. She is always helping out others. She is often torn by Sakaki, who's division she's lead under in Moon Tree, and Haseo, her friend.

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