Real NameChika Kuramoto
Character ClassTwin Blade
Japanese Voice ActorMasumi Asano
English Voice ActorErin Fitzgerald

Alkaid is the former Demon Palace Emperor who lost to Endrance in an arena title match.

[edit] Appearance

Alkaid has a very oriental look about her. She Has short read hair with a white highlight. She dresses in what at first seems like a Kimono, with a fan-like peice of clothing on her back. She also has a fox tail-ish sash around her waist which represents her fast and agile character. She is a twin and thus she uses two Tanto looking swords regularly to accomidate her oriental look. Of course if the main character chooses to change her equipment, it will be whatever was chosen.

[edit] Personality

Alkaid has a very energetic and happy go lucky personality. She also has a strong sense of pride. Alkaid at first appears to be an angry and somewhat hostile character, but as Haseo spends time with her, its apparents that she is deep down, a sweet girl that just wants to enjoy herself.

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