Adept Rogue

Adept Rogue
Adept Rogue.jpgHaseo from .hack//G.U., an Adept Rogue

Adept Rogue is the only class in The World R:2 or for the original The World for that matter, that can use more than one different type of weapon. Players within The World regard this a "weak" and "messed up" class, due to various reasons.

[edit] Description

Adept Rogues start out with one weapon and can only use that one weapon until the player can take the Job Extension quest. The conditions for the first Job Extension Quest is to be level 25 and to go through the dungeon alone. After successfully completing the dungeon, the player will, not only be able to use a secondary weapon, but their character model will go through a change which usually consists of a more complex armor/ clothing design and added pieces of armor/clothing. There is then one last job extension quest that allows one last weapon, and another character model update.

The reason the Adept Rogue is generally weak compared to other character classes is because of it's ability to choose from different weapons. In order to prevent abuse from this ability, the Adept Rouge's weapons are weaker than a normal class's. For example, an Adept Rogue with level 10 on the Twin Blade class only will be overpowered by a normal Twin Blade of the same level. Despite this, the Adept Rogue can eventually reach a level where it can be quite powerful with its all-around abilities.

[edit] Examples

Haseo, who is the main protagonist in the G.U series (unlike most Adept Rogues, uses 4 weapons, the last one being a weapon that is not used by any other character in the world) and Matsu who refuses to use his Edge Punisher weapon, because it represents his days as a PK (which he no longer is).

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